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Wednesday, 24-Nov-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Sunshine Coast Trip

Giant on top...little one below
Opps..blocking the words
Turtle riding..its not real
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Two great days after a short trip to Gold Coast, we were on our way again to visit another of Queensland State hot beach spot "Sunshine Coast"....Only this time, we rented a Toyota Estima which was able to fit 8 people( Dylan & Gerby , Jess , Jane , Ming Fang , Lenny , Hanz and Myself ), It took us about an hour plus to drive from bris city to our destination. We reached there bout 9 am and we were we took our own sweet time to linger around and took some great shots with our cameras...What excites us the most is the beauty and majestic sea view from every possible angle we could station ourselves from the coast...the weather was perfect..the sky was clear enough ( well...there was "a few" rain drop during the mid day and abit freezy..) but overall its a great day for us to drop by this paradise...and of course we would not miss the oppurtunity to wash ourselves with the salty sea water...thought it was abit cold that day...hehehe...

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Gold Coast Trip

hmm...not to sure whats the hand sign means...
Jane started talking....
..the rest started listening..
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And so this day has finally arrived...i've been waiting to go to Gold Coast eversince i was here...well, it is one of the tourist attraction anyway, and of course one of Queensland state valuable natural asset. We meet up at the Central train station at bout 7.30 in the early hours, and those who went were Dylan & Gerby, Jane , Jess , Hanz ,and Myself...( im peter in case u dunno who i am...). We paid bout 9.20 dollars for the return ticket to Zone 14..bout 45 minutes travel by train. Once we were there , we took a walk along the not so busy streets ( it will be .. during summer ) and stop by Surfers Paradise,,,the most idol beach for surfers and Gold Coast visitors to drop by...(well...kind of). The wind was kinda strong on that day..but didnt dampen our spirit to go topless and wash ourselves in the salty sea...Since we didnt manage to do much on that day so they buried me under the golden sand...and did some obscene sand model on me. They had a great time i suppose..and seeing them, made me felt the same as well.And it was abit unfortunate for me to bring extra pants,of all things to be forgotten, so got myself a pair from one of the shops. Lunch time, we had sea food..most of us had fish basket ( mixture of calamari , fish sticks , scallop , prawns , and aussie fries) , except for jane who had fish and chips instead. Then we took a walk along the shops for window shopping..didnt manage to drop by harbour town, suppose to be the most idol place for shopping.

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Jessica's Birthday

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20th November....a day after the last day of our final examination, a perfect day for all of us uni freaks to release stress, and so since its Jess big happy 23th...we had a double celebration...bout 40 ppl turned up that nite..and not everyone knows everyone..but thats normal i suppose, thats y they have the word "socializing" in dictioneries. And so it was...we had BBQ at hanz house in new farm, which took us 2 days to prepare everything for our princess..i guess its worth. And we were quite thankful indeed to hanz's landlord who "loaned" his shelter for us to run our so call birthday event. As usual, a small group of energetic youth comprising of the birthday girl herself,Chin Wei,KaPin,Jane,Hanz,Gerby,Sebastion,Brian,Dylan and myself took the tasks of running errands and preparing the place for the big nite...we marinated the meat(i was kinda sick so didnt participate in this), cook some side dished , prepare the stuff and well, had a great time too with some drink while preparing those stuff..and when the sky turns dark...people started to pour into the house..but was navigated to the backyard cause thats where they suppose to be...but the sky started to pour rain during the middle of nite and ppl start flushing back into the house, but anyway , all of us had a good time.


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